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We don't fit in this world.
We were made to create a new one.

Embrace Change | Transcend Convention | Defy Conformity
Question Tradition | Elude Orthodox 

Be Anomalous


A Venditti Original

This logo is our branding on specific projects. Specific detail to a project means its original conception was from Italian craftsmanship. Italian Design is seen everywhere. We wanted to play with the idea of story built with Italian craftsmanship in mind. Attention to detail revolving around nuanced emotion, love and passion within a storyline. After all thats where the conception of risk, stakes and urgency comes into play.

VCM test transparency italian.png

The Anomalous Development Slate

Currently in development:
The BAJA CALIFORNIA film franchise

R, T & C 2023 The Anomalous LLC and affiliated companies. All Rights Reserved

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