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The Story Behind The Anomalous

Anomalous Productions

Founded by Jayce Venditti, Anomalous Production aka" The Anomalous"  is a production company innovating and pioneering content that is incubated and  from  a growing number of independent industry ANOMALIES; Talent, creatives and  artist who choose to create a path not standard  and 100% unapologetically them. 


The Anomalous is focusing on original content for television, film, and digital networks/platforms using emerging sustainable technologies. A goal is not to just cross all  but also create new entertainment verticals,. The Anomalous has very few but powerful prerequisites for its content which includes authenticity, compassions, quality storytelling and great messaging.


If you Build it. They will come.

VCM test transparency italian.png

What is the VCM?

The Venditti Cinematic Multiverse is The Anomalous's collective take on the imaging of a cohesive film multiverse from the perspective an Italian designer craftsmanship.

The films / IP's in the multiverse all have SOME TYPE of connection. Whether sharing same worlds, universe's or the multiverse.

The VCM is the developing library of original curated narrative projects; feature films, short films and series.

What is The Multiverse? It  is a hypothetical group of multiple universes. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describe them.

Why the vcm?


Every so often an idea or someone comes around that rattles the game, Vin Diesel, Sylvester, The Rock, Arnold, Tesl, Apple.... this is the indepednat filmmakers knockdown punch to show we can do what the studios have AND haven't done yet...THOINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

The VCM is Anomalous Productions pre development (Pre-Dev) and development (Dev) slate of theatrical projects; feature films, short films and series. Focusing on the incubations of solid stories. All the stories have agendas a couple common denominators.

Venditti Originals

The VCM is Anomalous Productions developing library of theatrical projects; feature films, short films and series,

AFOC Originals 


AFOC otherwise known as A FACE OF CHANGE is a call to action impact based film incubation company. Making features, shorts and documentaries.. Its purpose is to create films that GIVE BACK... PERIOD.


The VCM is Anomalous Productions developing library of theatrical projects; feature films, short films and series,


Venditti Originals

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Pre-Development & Development Slate

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Producers and production companies are often referred to as having a 'slate'. In this context, it is simply another way of referring to a group of projects. A company may go to a festival or market with it's slate of completed films, or it may also have a 'development slate', a group of films that have not been made yet.


We took it a step further and have projects whose stories are currently being fleshed out by  writers. That is what we are calling our 'Pre-Development Slate', and provides a different opportunity -- one where said investor/s can potentially take part in story and or present the creative team with their 'Wish List' of actors, Directors and anything else ABOVE or BELOW the line if the whole team teams it beneficial and it helps close the investors financial interest in the film.


Pre-Dev & Development Pipeline Process

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